We Focus on Nutrition

We love our food and want our children to love it too.

As a result we pay a lot of attention to every step of the meal-making process –

– We plan so that we can provide ample variety in the menu we serve our children and that each meal is delicious, nutritious, balanced and wholesome; we also share a weekly menu in advance with our parents

– We pay special attention to where we source our ingredients from and a member of the management team is always present at the time of buying ingredients

– We diligently supervise the meal preparation and ensure hygiene is maintained while cooking in our kitchen

– We ensure all cooks maintain personal hygiene during the meal prep, while cooking and while serving

– Utensils are thoroughly washed after use with good quality detergent and stored away in a clean place

– Last but not the least, the management team and the teachers eat the same food that is served to the children