We Ace in Curriculum

Our curriculum is a fusion of the Play Way and the Montessori methods along with our own tried and tested methodologies.  We believe that each child is unique and so expose them to extensive independent free play, story telling and highly interactive activities.  During the class sessions, every child is then analyzed and their interests are gauged – whether it is art, oration, academics or sports – and the parent is made aware of the same.  Together then we team up with the parents to nudge the child to explore their interests further.

Regular PTA meetings are conducted where our teachers can share their observations with parents, and parents can clarify doubts and queries.  Together with parents, teachers are able to groom each child to their full potential.

It is no wonder then that our children get easily accepted at the premium and reputed schools of Pune because these schools have very good experiences with children coming in from Moondrop.