Safety Matters to Us

We take safety very seriously.  Throughout the premises we have installed CCTV cameras at strategic locations.  The CCTV footage is continually visible to us at our primary office.

We do thorough background checks on all our support staff and seek references from past employers before taking them into employment.

Our teachers are trained to manage emergency situations and to administer basic first aid.

We strictly discourage parents from bringing in their 4-wheelers up-to our gate to prevent unforeseen mishaps.

Teachers personally hand over each child every single day to a pre-appointed parent/guardian.  If another person is going to collect a child on a certain day, this has to be pre-approved by the school.

Hygiene is strictly adhered to throughout the premises – in the classrooms, in the outdoor areas, in the washrooms, and in the kitchen.  All toys and furniture are sanitized from time to time.